Synergogy Seminar

  • The seminar teaches how we as "trainers" and "teachers" can bring motivation on the area of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudinal training and learning situations.
  • This seminar also motivates learns to use what they havelearned for solving real life problems.
  • The seminar teaches how those responsible for education and training can bring codified knowledge and laboratory learning methods together in a manner that motivates learners.

Synergogy provides an alternative to both pedagogy and andragogy : seeking to avoid the weakness of both, the role authority in pedagogic settings and the excessive reliance on the student already knowing what he or she needs to know, in the andragogic settings. At the same time synergogy preserves the strengths of these two approaches the role of the expert in providing authoratative subject matter (in the form of learning designs) about the topic to be studied and the proactive involvement of the learner in being responsible for learning.

It's fundamental differences from other appreaches involve :
  • replacing authority figures with learning designs and instruments managed by learning administrator.
  • enabling learners to become proactive participants who excercise responsibility for their own learning.
  • using learner's collegue affiliations to provide motivation for learning.
  • applying to education the concept of Synergogy, in which the learning gain that results from teamwork exceed the gain made by individuals learning alone besides making learning more enjoyale; most importantly unlike traditional appreaches it covers.
  • all the three aspects of learning; comprehension of knowledge, aquisition of skills and development of attitude, value and belief.
  • each participant gets an apportunity to design a "Synergogy module" for back home application.

The Seminar is meant for Training / HRD Professional and Faculty from educational institutions and management schools.


3 day workshop, Non residential 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

  • Nominations must be sent atleast three weeks in advance.
  • Nominations will be accepted on "First-come, first-serve" basis.
  • A minimum of 20 hours of pre-work to be done by each participant.
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