Supervisory Grid Seminar

The Supervisory Grid Seminar is the first step to answering the question: What accounts for the varying degrees of effectiveness among supervisors? Many supervisors have not had the opportunity to see the range of options for sound supervision. They are doing all they know how to do and are simply unaware of what truly effective supervision looks like. Part of the reason is a failure to recognize alternative strategies for key features of supervision like resolving conflict, effective delegation, sound decision making, candor and openness, or trust and respect.

Another reason lies in the lack of objective insight into how behaviors impact relationships and bottom-line results. An important first step in rectifying this lack of insight is to learn exactly what effective supervision looks like in the day-to-day supervisory role. This "sound" model can then be compared with other kinds of supervision to help supervisors think about themselves and "how" they work with and through others to achieve results.


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