Sales Grid Seminar

In addition to faculty charges the organisation will have to take care of airfare for one faculty for programmes conducted out of Bombay and local hospitality.

The Sales Grid is a 3-day non-residential seminar which considers seven functional selling styles providing a comprehensive frame work for sales people to understand differences in styles and the impact of styles on relationships with customers. Similarly, Customer Grid also considers seven fundamental styles, providing a framework to better understand the customers, his or her needs and how to bring about "SOLUTION SELLING" as part of team with customer.

  • Learn to use the Sales Grid as a framework for thinking about the selling process.
  • Gain insight into your most characteristic Sales Grid Styles.
  • Learn to use the Customer Grid as a framework for understanding and dealing with customers.
  • Study and practice the use of critique to improve selling effectiveness.
  • Examine the ideal selling environment in an organisation.
  • Develop a personal action plan to incorporate seminar learning into everyday selling activities.

The seminar is for Sales Managers, Sales Officers, Sales Executives and any other Field Sales Personnel.


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