Leadership Grid Seminar (4 day Residential Module)

The Leadership Grid Seminar is a four-day residential program designed to increase leadership effectiveness. Based on Grid theory developed by Drs. Robert R. Blake and Jane S. Mouton, the seminar is the classic tool for attaining leadership excellence and teamwork skills. Grid Consultants offers this seminar in a public venue as well as within organisations in various companies in India and a few countries in Asia. They are conducted by Dr. P. N. Singh who got GRID to India. The mere fact that it has been repeated for the 190th time demonstrates it power, usefulness and popularity.


Today's teams need leadership skills as well as technical expertise. Without effective leadership, team performance suffers under the impact of vested interests, unresolved conflicts, and poor communication.

Leadership for Team Results produces leaders that achieve team success through effective management of resources and relationships.

  • How to define effective leadership
  • How to manage and motivate for optimum team results.
  • How to recognize discrepancies between an intended message and the message actually received
  • How to solve problems and resolve conflicts.
  • How to give and receive critique
  • How to identify and change ineffective behaviour

This seminar is meant for Senior Managers from the Corporate sector, Entrepreneurs and also top officials from Government and Armed Forces. The best learning occurs when two or more executives from the same company attend at the same time. The advantage of pair or trio attendance is that each person can compare and test one's thinking with that of others who are also well informed about their own company's situation. They can evaluate the implications for further use. Persons from the same company participate in different study teams.


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